Graffiti & Street Art

One aspect about Graffiti and Street Art is, that it is highly transient. It gets buffed by cleaners, some other artist paints over it, people might steal it or the weather will fade it away. But that´s part of the game. And that´s the beauty of it. Putting art on the streets means communication – communication with the city, with other people who

– to put works on the Streets means communication; communication with other people, with the city itself and with time. Beautiful decay.

But because of that fast pace our Art is … it´s imperative that you document your work. In fact INTENET SZENE STREET DOKU

I started documenting Graffiti nearly 15 years ago (it has been the time when digital cameras still had those big AA-Batteries and a 16-megabyte memory card). It didn´t took long when i went from taking photos of finished pieces to documenting the whole process of doing them. Seeing all that energy people put into their works (specially the illegal ones) fascinated me and i never got tired of it.

Victor Ash painting his iconic Cosmonaut in Berlin Kreuzberg in the range of the Backjumps-Festival in 2007.

Here´s a tiny fracture of photos i took during the last couple of years following artist around the world:

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